D-Miro takes part of the rebuilding

D-Miro and Mission Alliance is trying to gain oversight over the situation for D-Miro staff at the local loan office in Manta, which has not yet been accounted for. Mission Alliance is the largest Norwegian organization in Ecuador. Banco D-Miro with its nearly 400 employees is a very important part of the Mission Alliance’s work.

D-MIRO has established an emergency response committee, which is now working with the situation. Because the lines of communication have broken down it is difficult to get an overview, says Secretary General Andreas Andersen, who has regular contact with staff in Guayaquil.

The main issue has been to ensure that all ex pat staff, all local staff in Mission Alliance and D-Miro are doing well and are safe. In the next few days, the headquarters will provide an overview of material damage and the extent of the situation in the poor areas where Mission Alliance works.

– We will assist local partners so that they can handle this emergency and we want to take part in the reconstruction. We still do not know if there are schools that have been destroyed. Together with the different local partners, we have a great mobilizing force, says Andersen.

Banco D-Miro has more than 350 employees and nearly 75,000 loan- and savings customers. Mission Alliance works among the most vulnerable in the big city Guayaquil and Banco D-Miro gives loans to people who are not creditworthy in other, conventional banks. Andreas Andersen has been missionary in Ecuador and has been the Director of the microfinance program in the country.

– This bank can play an important role in the time to come. Many clients have insurance through our bank. Besides, we have over 100 loan officers with very good local knowledge that can help us to tailor offers to get the small business up and running again, or with possible assistance to rebuild destroyed houses, says Andreas Andersen, Secretary General of Mission Alliance.

The D-Miro offices in Guayaquil is operative. The offices on the coast are particularly affected. – We are a different bank with clear values, and this should be reflected in the way we deal with this tragedy, says Andreas Andersen.