Bariloche conference 2017

Following the FOROMIC 2017 conference in Buenos Aires, key management and Board members of Allliance Microfinance, Diaconia FRIF IFD and Banco D-Miro, have spent 3 days of further discussions in Bariloche, Argentina.

The seminars in the Bariloche conference have included technology, governance and value-based leadership. We are thrilled that our institutions are able to learn from each other and have taken advantage of these days for team-building and shortening the distance between them. Management of Alliance Microfinance and board members of our company in addition to Mission Alliance have also been a part of this conference.


Going forwards we are confident that D-Miro and Diaconia will continue their knowledge-sharing cooperation and capitalize on this benefit. The whole Alliance Microfinance group has a passion for financial inclusion – and the belief that providing financial services to the less privileged is pivotal to creating growth. Both our institutions in Latin America play an important role in changing lives of their clients and the targeted people of their operations.